the 90-day novel®

January 6 - April 7, 2025
Mondays 12-1:30 pm Pacific Time


The 90-Day Novel® is a Live-on-Zoom workshop with Alan Watt that will take you from initial idea to the completion of your novel's first draft in 90 days.

"What was impossible to accomplish in ten years becomes possible in 90 days, by accessing your subconscious."

unlock the story within

The 90-Day Novel® is about making a contract with your subconscious. Your subconscious is the seat of your genius and there is a window of time that it can remain fully engaged in a creative task before it gets distracted, fatigued, or your ego begins to challenge it.

Genius is not a noun — it's a verb. The 90-Day Novel® helps you tap into that deep inner wisdom to which we all have access by marrying the wildness of your imagination to the rigor of structure. Your left brain is logical. It loves to stay busy with tasks, and so we give it writing exercises that it quite enjoys, so that your right-brain (that part of your mind that transcends logic)  is given enough space to see beyond your idea of your story and get down to the bedrock questions that are driving your narrative.

Join the 80,000 plus writers who have taken the 90-day journey. By letting go of the result and surrendering to the process, The 90-Day Novel® will guide you to the completion of your first draft.

"You're not the author, you're the channel."

about the workshop


live on Zoom

We meet once a week in a LIVE Zoom call on Mondays from 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (Pacific Time), for 14 consecutive weeks. (I'm always on fifteen minutes early to hang out and answer questions.) The lab is a safe and supportive environment for your imagination to soar. The workshops are a combination of craft lessons and stream-of-consciousness writing exercises. Each workshop ends with clear instructions on your homework for the week. If you can devote two hours a day, you will have a first draft of your novel completed by the end of 90 days.


watch the class anytime

You are not required to take the workshop live. Many writers have day jobs or commitments during class hours, or sometimes life just gets in the way, therefore all of our sessions are recorded and are available for three weeks, respectively.


Q & A

Every workshop ends with a review of your homework, followed by a Q&A where I answer all of your questions. This is a time to gain clarity on the principles discussed. The goal is leave each session with a basic confidence in where you are heading for that week.


daily letters

Every morning a daily letter lands in your inbox. The letters were developed over the course of several years, and are a day-by-day guide through the process. Writers often comment on the synchronicity of the letters — on how they seem to meet you right where you are. While the letters focus on craft, they are also a response to the uncanny uniformity of experience shared by the many writers who have taken the 90-day journey before you.



The group forum is where you connect with your fellow classmates to share your experiences, hold yourself accountable, and take part in the daily discussion topics. Over the course of 90 days we discover that we're not alone - that our private struggles are universal and often provide clues into the world of our story.


one-on-one story consults

Over the course of the 90-day workshop I offer one-on-one story consults to current students where you can send me your three-page outline and I review it, make notes, and help you explore the most dynamic and compelling way to tell your story. There are a limited number of spots for this service. One-on-one consults are available at a special discount to writers paying the suggested workshop donation price. Consults are normally $650 (or $325 with the special discount — 50% off the regular price).

want a breakthrough right now?

In this free 90-minute video, I'll lead you to a deeper understanding of your novel, by guiding you through the process of marrying the wildness of your imagination to the rigor of story structure.

meet your teacher

alan watt standing in front of an L.A. Hillside smiling, hand in pocket

Hi, I'm Alan. They call me the Story Whisperer. I teach a process of marrying passion to craft to tell compelling stories. My students range from first-time writers to best-selling authors and filmmakers who've won numerous accolades for their work including the Pulitzer Prize.

L.A. Writers' Lab's mission is to help writers build a body of work. If you have a story to tell and are seeking support, guidance and community, then welcome. I look forward to working with you.

The written signature of Alan Watt, writing teacher

"Over 80,000 writers have taken the 90-day journey."

why writers love the 90-day novel®

the 90-day novel®

Suggested Donation - $1,500

Minimum Donation - $750 until Dec. 23rd

who is the 90-day novel® for?

  • Anyone who has ever wanted to write a novel
  • Anyone who is midway through a first draft and feeling stuck
  • Anyone who loves to write but thinks long-form fiction is something other people do
  • Anyone who gets excited about a story idea but struggles to get it onto the page
  • Anyone who has been published but has lost confidence and is seeking some creative rehab
  • Anyone who has been criticized or discouraged and has lost faith in their ability
  • Anyone who gets distracted and is seeking accountability, guidance and support
  • Anyone who is looking for a safe place to explore without fear of criticism
  • Anyone who is looking for a place to go deep, go wild, and allow their imagination to soar

the 90-day novel schedule


weeks 1 through 4

The first four weeks is where we allow an outline to emerge. Since the purpose of story is to reveal a transformation, your job as a storyteller is to track the essential beats of your protagonist's inner journey in a compelling and truthful way that leads to their transformed state. The workshops begin with a brief lecture and are followed by stream-of-consciousness writing exercises designed to take you to the heart of your story. I work one-on-one with writers to illustrate the story principles and over the course of the first four weeks an outline emerges as you begin to discover that by investigating your characters' experiences, plot naturally emerges to support those experiences. As I always say, story is alchemy - it  is only through the pressure of your antagonists that your protagonist can be transformed.


weeks 5 through 12

Over the next nine weeks you will write the first draft of your novel in a modular fashion. There is nothing formulaic in this approach. It is organic and freeing. It's important to remember that there are no rules in creating a story - only principles - and that everything you imagine belongs in your story when you distill it to its nature. Armed with an outline, you're now free to trust your characters. An outline is not something to be strictly adhered to, but rather a roadmap that allows you to stay connected to your deepest impulses without veering so far afield that you forget why your characters set out on this journey to begin with.



The final two sessions focus on integration and transformation as we explore and track your protagonist's journey to their transformed state. This journey is often surprising, sometimes scary, and ultimately liberating as you discover and dramatize the truth of your protagonist's experience.

In the final session we celebrate the marathon you have just completed, followed by an in-depth conversation about next steps. If you have not quite completed your first draft (it happens - sometimes life gets in the way), we discuss a realistic timeline, plus accountability measures and supports to ensure your success. Whether it is the 90-day novel or the 97-day novel, the goal is to get to the end before going back and rewriting.