online writing workshops

the 90-Day Workshops

the 90-day novel®

A Live-on-Zoom workshop with me, Al Watt, that will take you from your initial idea to the completion of a first draft of your novel in 90 days.


the 90-day memoir®

A Live-on-Zoom workshop with me, Al Watt, that will take you from your initial idea to the completion of a first draft of your memoir in 90 days.


the 90-day screenplay

A Live-on-Zoom workshop with me, Al Watt, that will take you from your initial idea, to outline, to the completion of a polished screenplay in 90 days.

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the rewrite master class

A Live on Zoom weekly workshops with me, Al Watt, for novelists and memoirists seeking to complete their work for publication.

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Custom Workshops

story day - live (& on zoom) in los angeles

Join me live (and on zoom) in Los Angeles for this intensive one-day story workshop. This workshop is for novelists, screenwriters, memoirists, producers, directors and editors. If you're seeking to deepen your understanding of story and leave with a clear outline, this workshop is for you.

Story Day

the 30-day outline workshop

A LIVE on Zoom workshop with me, Al Watt, that guides you through the process of marrying the wildness of your imagination to the rigor of structure to create compelling stories.

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women on the verge of a breakthrough

In this LIVE on Zoom workshop, writers meet once a week for writing exercises, one-on-one feedback, and to share their work-in-progress. Join this group and receive feedback and support from facilitator, Mary-Beth Manning, in this safe, intimate community of eight extraordinary women.

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8-day Tuscany retreat

Come to Tuscany and go deep in this once-in-a-lifetime 8-day writing retreat where you will experience daily workshops and extraordinary food and wine at one of Italy's top-rated villas.

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solo retreats

Come to Salt Spring Island for a life-changing 4-day personally tailored transformational retreat.


challenge 2024

Do you struggle to write each day? Here's a motivator. Write 100 words a day for one year and you'll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win free stuff, including an 8-Day Tuscany Writing Retreat with Alan Watt.

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envision 2024

Envision 2024 is a free one-hour Live-on-Zoom workshop with me, Al Watt, that is open to the public. We acknowledge our yearly accomplishments with kindness, take stock of what is working and what wants to change, and we set goals for the coming year.


the professional writer

The professional writer is an ongoing subscription series for writers who are serious about their work and looking for the tools necessary to build a prolific career. A professional writing career involves ongoing craft workshops, support, goal setting, deadlines, and the support of fellow writers for networking, support, and accountability.

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the write process

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