why writers love the 90-day novel®


"Alan Watt’s The 90-Day Novel® is a treasure trove of insight, not only for beginners or aspiring writers but for grizzled old-timers like myself, who can profit, always, from revisiting the fundamentals and First Principles of the writer’s calling. Two thumbs up!"

Steven Pressfield, Bestselling Author of The War of Art

"Al is not only a brilliant writing teacher, but a spiritual guide and that is what sets him apart from any other writing teacher. I don’t mean this in a new-agey way, I mean that he guides us to find the answers within – he gently nudges us towards our truth and it’s from that place that our stories emerge. I started the class with an idea – that was it, and I wasn’t even sure that it would work as a novel. 90 days later I have a story (over 500 pages) with characters who have come alive and have used me to tell the story of their transformation. I think in any other class it would have taken me years to gain the understanding that the last 90 days have given me. My characters have changed and so have I. I can’t thank Al enough."

Sophie Uliano, Bestselling Author of Gorgeously Green, (Harper Collins)


"I went $64,000 in debt for my MFA in creative writing. After taking The 90-Day Novel® workshop, I wonder why. This is a great class!"

Frank B. Wilderson III, Winner of The American Book Award for his memoir, Incognegro

"After publishing my first novel ten years ago, I became stuck in a cycle of perfectionism, procrastination, and self-doubt which left me feeling quite despondent about the prospect of ever finishing another novel. Al's course, his assured but also gentle guidance and teaching have been life-changing for me. I did indeed finish a draft of a novel in 90-days. I NEVER thought it possible. If I can do it, anyone—with Al's help—can do it too. I'm so grateful to Al—he is a kind, smart, thoughtful, generous teacher."

Juliann Garey, Author of Too Bright to Hear, Too Loud to See, Soho Press

Juliann Garey, Too Bright to Hear...
Wiz Wharton, Ghost Girl, Banana

"The 90-Day Novel was absolutely instrumental in writing Ghost Girl, Banana because of its founding premise: that we relegate emotional truth at our peril. The stories that endure are both familiar and different, marrying the universal inevitability of structure with unique authenticity. If you have something to say, Al Watt will help you articulate it. I've yet to find a more intuitive, nurturing and forgiving text to guide you through the creative journey."

Wiz Wharton, Author of Ghost Girl, Banana, Harper Collins

"The idea of bringing a first draft of a novel to fruition seemed too daunting and overwhelming to even consider until I was introduced to Al's 90-Day Novel® Workshop. His methodology is deep and precise, and helps unearth unconscious themes and characters in you that let the story almost tell itself."

Rebecca de Mornay, Actress and Writer


“The 90-Day Novel® is the most fun and exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced, like falling in love. Really, I never had this feeling before, not at Harvard, not getting my book published, I don’t even know how to put it into words. Al Watt is the best teacher I have ever had. Al, thank you so much for sharing what you know and your experience with me.”

Maureen O'Crean, Author of I AM DIVA!

"I went out and bought a book called The 90-Day Novel®, by Alan Watt. It’s ridiculous, claiming that anybody can write a great book, and quickly too. [. . .] But it ended up as a Oulipian thing, [. . .] it was actually interesting to conform to the rules.”

Ottessa Moshfegh, ManBooker Prize finalist for Eileen, Penguin Random House


“I feared it would be a gung-ho course where I would be bullied into adopting certain rules — it was quite the opposite — a place where I could go and learn to trust my deepest subconscious to come up with the goods. I delivered [my] book on time, it’s selling well, CAA has picked it up — none of this would have happened with such speed and ease without Al. Take the course!”

Lucinda Clare, Bestselling Author of An English Psychic in Hollywood, Penguin Random House

“Al Watt provides writers at every level with a safe place to engage their creativity. Through a combination of in-class writing, queries into structure, and repeated one-on-one dialogues, writers gain access to the subconscious, where the emotional truth of story abides. Al gives his all, while allowing writers to discover for themselves the strongest possible path to a completed work. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Karen Palmer, Author of Border Dogs, Soho Press

Version 1.0.0

“Al Watt’s 90-Day Novel® is the ultimate gift to writers—an incubator for the stories you want to bring to the page from a place of emotional truth and from your heart. I wish I’d known about Al when I wrote my first novel. His mastery of story fills in the missing pieces and he guides you to your best work.”

Sarah Lovett, Author of Blowback, Penguin Random House

“I resisted my story for five years, with 'good reasons' to dodge the work. Al’s 90-Day Novel® class changed that. The daily letters, stream-of-conscious writing exercises and tales of the other writers kept me focused, honest and committed. It was liberating to write without reflexive rewriting – a huge change for me! I surprised myself every day. Especially the day I finished.”

Peggy Mulloy, Unit publicist for Thor and Memoirs of a Geisha

Version 1.0.0

“I couldn’t have completed The Count of the Sahara without the help of Al and the 90-Day Novel® program. The questions I had to answer before even starting Day 1 were incredibly useful in breaking down the structure, helping me envision the story, and creating the characters that are the heart of the novel.”

Wayne Turmel, Bestselling author of The Count of the Sahara

“Al’s 90-Day Novel® is the best writing workshop I have ever taken. The supportive nature of the class inspires and motivates you to write every day and to get to the true heart of your story. By the end of the 90th day, I had completed my rough draft (300 pages long) and developed a writing ritual that I have adopted for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer L. Scott, International Bestselling Author of Lessons From Madame Chic, Simon & Schuster


“My first book, Reclaiming Konia, took me a total of 8 years from start to finish. In 2014, I made the best decision ever to take the 90 Day Novel® workshop and what I couldn’t finish in 7 years I did in 90 days. Al’s class helped create a template that allowed me to pursue my writing in a way that was never possible before The 90 Day Novel®.”

Heather Martin, Author of Reclaiming Konia, Winner of the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Award

"Al Watt’s marvelous courses have helped me in every aspect of writing. When you’re thoroughly confused by plot advice and character how-to’s, drop it all and run fast to lawriterslab.com. From in-person to telecourses, you’ll find something to clear the way to your novel, screenplay, play, memoir . . . whatever is your path, you’ll have a guide.”

Guinotte Wise, Winner of the H. Palmer Hall Award; Nominated for several Pushcart Prizes


“I couldn’t have written any of my books without The 90-Day Novel® and The 90-Day Rewrite™. Thank you Al for writing such invaluable tools. They keep me disciplined and in focus. I have recommended your books to anyone who has shown an interest in writing.”

Carol Treacy, Author of Madeleine's Masterpiece

"I discovered Alan via YouTube. His insights were so helpful I went in search of more from him and discovered this book. Wow! So different than other writing books and the most helpful I've read to date. The 90-Day Novel® has made a huge improvement in my writing in a very short time. And not only that; it has made the creative journey of writing so much more enjoyable. Try it. DO the exercises. Listen to Alan. Let your creative self go and inquire. You won't be disappointed."

Caroline Hollis, Author of The Willow Glen Series

inner wisdom wayfinding

"I never let myself dream of writing a novel. It felt too big, too intimidating, too impossible. I’d taken courses on craft, and everything I’d seen on novel writing felt like trying to stuff something creative and beautiful into a bunch of pre-set boxes. What I love most about free-writing was I can let my imagination go, but how could I turn that into a book? No one seemed to be able to tell me how, and even if they had, I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to do it. All that changed when I took the 90-Day Novel® workshop. It gave me a way to create structure and permission to trust myself, my writerly imagination. Al’s gentle guidance and repeated assurances to trust the process kept me going. I wrote every day, and by the end, I had a first draft of my novel! I’m delighted and eternally grateful!"

Diane Roberson Douiyssi, Founder of Inner Wisdom Wayfinding