Writers tell me frequently: “I have three ideas. Which one should I write next?”

In the 90-day novel workshop, the first exercise we do is we write for five minutes, beginning with: “My story is about….”

And the writer says, “But I don’t know which story to write about.”

I tell them, just start writing. 90% of the time, this does the trick. Our subconscious knows which story wants to be told next. We tend to get in the way with all sorts of noise about what we think the market is looking for, and trying to figure out which story will change our life and provide the quickest route to quitting our day job.

All of the stories will be told in time. We will get to them eventually. We may even discover that what we wanted to be expressed in one story gets expressed in another.

The most important thing is to make a choice! Ideas are a dime a dozen. Don’t use your abundance of ideas as a reason to procrastinate.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you write. Our work guides us inexorably to a greater understanding of ourselves. Since the purpose of story is to reveal a transformation, our work is simply a byproduct of our growth.

Just start writing.