The Difference Between Journaling and Storytelling



The difference between journaling and storytelling is context. Journaling is simply documenting what happened. Storytelling involves illustrating the meaning of what happened. Our goal as storytellers is to tell a story that builds in meaning as it progresses.

Have you ever been to a party and been cornered by someone who tells you some excruciatingly detailed account of their life, but you have no idea why they are telling you. We don’t want to accost our reader. There must be a thematic relevancy to our story.

What is it about? Is it about forgiveness, revenge, freedom, truth, justice, survival, connection, loyalty, voyeurism, control, power, ambition, regret, loss, status, rage, acceptance? Be curious about the nature of that thing you wish to express.

I always love to hear from writers. Please share with me your thoughts on this.