why writers love
the 90-day screenplay

American Horror Story

“I have taken The 90-Day Screenplay at least three times with different projects. I cannot recommend Al highly enough. He's my guy. If you take your career seriously, make him yours.”

Jessica Sharzer, Screenwriter, A Simple Favor, Co-exec. producer, American Horror Story

"I've read all the structure books, Robert McKee, Syd Field, etc. Al is the first teacher that I really felt inspired by. I love how he presents structure. He comes at it from an artist's point of view. "Marrying the wildness of your imagination to the rigors of story structure" and always choosing the wildness of your imagination if you have to. Al's passion for story is present in every workshop. He has a real talent for distilling your script to its essence and helping you tell your story in the most compelling way."

Tom O'Brien, Writer/Director of Fairhaven, Sundance Official Selection


"Al Watt understands that the primacy of structure is directly connected to the unconscious mind. The story is already written, The 90-Day Screenplay helps you find it by instilling the hard rules of craft while coaxing your muse from hiding. Al is a wizard, a jester, a drill sergeant - and the best part is that in 90 days, no matter what, you will have a finished screenplay."

Allison Burnett, Screenwriter of Underworld: Awakening

“It is difficult to distill what Al Watt does in his workshops. He helps the writer tap into that secret world that lies within, a world often victim to procrastination, insecurity and lack of focus. He instills a fundamental knowing that we are uniquely qualified to tell our stories, that our conscious mind is a filter through which passes our creativity, and that the trick is to not let it get in the way but rather provide a structure under which we can create.”

Donna Powers, Screenwriter of The Italian Job

The Italian Job
The Wedding Planner

"I am blown away by The 90-Day Screenplay! I'm applying the principles to my current works in process - as I will for all future projects. It is helping to reshape my understanding of character and story. This invaluable tool will never be far from my side."

Pamela Falk, Screenwriter of The Wedding Planner

"The 90-Day Screenplay digs straight for the substratum of drama by asking the question: why is dramatic form universal and how is it a reflection of human experience? Take this workshop and experience the soil of your creative ground growing more fertile."

Benjamin van der Veen, Screenwriter of Steven Soderberg's Che: Guerilla

Viki King

"Do you want to get the movie in your heart onto the page? Go 90 days deep with Al!”

Viki King, Best-selling Author of How To Write A Movie in 21 Days

"The 90-Day Screenplay is a game-changer. This is not a book that sits on your shelf. It's a proven process for anyone who has ever wanted to write a screenplay but has been too frozen by panic to get off their ass and do it. I wish I'd had this book when I started. It would have saved me five years of laying on the couch and shuddering in dread for fear of the unknown."

Howard Busgang, Writer/Executive Producer, Boy Meets World

Family Guy

"Rather than just a blueprint for cookie-cutter storytelling, The 90-Day Screenplay provides a road map to explore all those tangled corners of the soul where the best stories are hiding. This book is a boundless resource, filled with simple yet profound instruction, and should be state-mandated reading at the front gates of Hollywood."

Aaron Lee, Screenwriter/Producer, Family Guy

“I am a fan of Al’s writing for the skill, depth, and insight he brings to the table. And I’m a fan of the care and craftsmanship he brings to teaching.”

Peggy Rajski, Producer of Little Man Tate and The Grifters


"Al's passion and input during the rewriting stage was instrumental. He asked all the right questions, pushed all the right buttons and led me toward a greater clarity of my project in a fully engaged, insightful and supportive way."

Jordan Rane, Scriptapalooza Grand Prize Winner for GOAT