the 90-day memoir®

This workshop is donation-based. The suggested donation is $1,500, however, if you’re struggling financially then that should not interfere with your ability to take the course.

There are no prerequisites to join. You will find New York Times bestselling authors writing shoulder to shoulder with first-time writers. I’m teaching a process of getting the story from your imagination to the page. Start where you are.

We offer 100% refund in the first 7 days of the workshop if you need to drop out for any reason. There can be no postponements for future workshops.

Yes, there is homework. Outlining and writing a first draft is a big undertaking. I recommend that you devote two hours a day to the workshop. If you have a busy schedule, that may not be possible, in which case, you may want to temper your expectations, but that should not discourage you from jumping into the class. It is more important that you approach this workshop as a daily or near-daily practice, even if you can only devote a little time each day, than it is to cram all of your work in on weekends.

When we commit to this process, the results are often beyond our imagination … we just don’t know what they will be. This workshop is going to guide you through your protagonist’s journey, and you will likely be transformed as a result. The only thing I can promise is that if you show up and put in the time, you will have a first draft in 90 days.

I offer up to two full scholarships each semester for military veterans and for stories of cultural diversity. To apply, please submit a brief bio and a synopsis of up to 300 words describing your story to Selected recipients will be notified 10 days prior to the start of the workshop.

All workshops are recorded and available for up to three weeks, so you can watch them as often as you wish during that time.

While the objective of the workshop is to complete a first draft in 90 days, the goal of the workshop is to deepen your relationship to your creative spirit, and we cannot do this without creating an environment where each writer feels respected and honored, and where their story is valid. I try to be encouraging, positive, passionate, deep, thoughtful, intuitive, and extremely curious about the story you’re attempting to express. I won’t impose my ideas onto your work, but rather, through inquiry, guide you to the heart of what you’re attempting to express. This process will almost inevitably bring up doubts and fears, but that is an inevitable part of the journey. The workshop will guide you through the emotional ups and downs through the daily letters and support in the group forum and from myself as your instructor.

I try to offer this workshop twice a year. If you can’t make this one, check for future dates here.

Workshops take place on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. (Pacific Time). I’m always on the Zoom call at 11:45 a.m. to welcome writers and answer questions before class. I also do a Q&A immediately following each workshop.

The 90-Day Memoir class size is not limited. In writing your first draft, you do not read your work-in-progress to the class, however, you are encouraged to read your writing exercises so I can work with you one-on-one to illustrate the principles to everyone. Also, while you are encouraged to share your work, it is not required. Once you have completed your first draft, you are invited to take The Rewrite Master Class workshop, which is limited to 16 writers and you read your work each week.

If one or more of the following apply, you belong here:

  • I’ve always wanted to write a memoir.
  • I’ve tried in the past and gotten stuck or blocked.
  • I love to write, but I’m scared I’ll do it wrong.
  • Someone once told me my writing sucks . . . but I really want to write.

You don’t need to have a story idea to begin the workshop. The writing exercises will help you to discover a story. We don’t begin writing the first draft until the 5th class.

The lab celebrates your joy, curiosity, and uniqueness — this a space where we welcome diversity and inclusivity, where all stories are supported and encouraged. There is no place for bigotry or discriminating against someone due to their ethnicity, political belief, race, religion, sex or gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, disability, or on any other ground. We ask for all writers attending workshops in the lab to respect one another. Every 90-day workshop includes up to two full scholarships for stories of diversity and/or characters who have been marginalized in some way.

Yes! In our monthly newsletter, we have a section called Alumni News where we promote our writers book launches, readings, etc.