Writing When You Have Nothing to Lose

Have you ever experienced great loss? Whether it was a parent, spouse, or friend, the experience pulls you sharply into the present moment.

Nothing else matters, not the barking dog, the unpaid bills, not even your hopes and dreams.

We become utterly aware, in our bones, that despite all of our wishes, fantasies, and protestations, our loved one is never coming back — at least, not in the flesh. He or she will exist only in our memory and imagination.

It’s a shocking moment, because we live our lives with the sense that there is always more time.

In the moment of loss, we are reduced to our primal selves.

This is the same place that we create.

When we approach our work from this place, we are unafraid to express ourselves completely. We become unshakeable in our willingness to be truthful on the page, and suddenly, our simple, unadorned writing springs to life.

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