At the heart of every story lies a dilemma. It is not a question of whether or not your protagonist has a dilemma, but rather, how effectively it has been explored. By exploring your protagonist’s dilemma, you are led to the most dynamic version of your story. The protagonist’s dilemma is your story’s source, from which all tension and conflict arise. Exploring the dilemma helps distill your story to its clearest meaning. It sheds light on what does not belong, those random digressions that are not germane to the central conflict, and it offers clues to what still needs to be written.

But here’s the thing: by definition, a dilemma cannot be figured out. In order to connect to it, you must become invested in your characters. Sometimes there can be a tendency to hold so tightly to your idea of your characters that you choke them into submission and are left with two-dimensional versions of what they could have been.

This is why writers often feel constrained, particularly in a “Hollywood story structure workshop,” where the writer tends to feel like they are being directed to conform to a formula. Story structure is not a formula — it is an immutable paradigm for a spiritual transformation. Everything you imagine belongs in your story when you can distill your ideas to their nature. When you understand why your characters are doing what they are doing, your story will explode with new possibilities and lead inexorably to an ending that is a total surprise, and yet utterly inevitable.

My 4-Day Outline Your Story workshop starts next Monday, August 17th. Early registration ends tonight at midnight.

This workshop is available for novelists, memoirists and screenwriters, and will benefit writers at all levels.

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