As you write each day, you discover your own process. You begin to see there is no “right way” to create and that your objective is simply to let the story live. The first draft is a near constant state of discovery. Some revelations may seem counter to the direction you thought your story was heading. You may even discover that how you actually feel about certain things is not what you had previously thought. You may discover that you’re not always nice, that you’re opinionated, and that you have a dark side. You may discover that your tolerance for BS has gone way down. You may discover that your perception of the world is widening while your certainty on any particular topic is starting to relax.

Perhaps you’re noticing little techniques that help your process. Perhaps you prefer writing in the morning, or you like to write on buses that circle the city at 3:00 a.m. You may discover that after a couple of hours you are done for the day. Some writers write for six hours a day, while others put in one hour. There are no rules. Your process is your own and each method is valid. You may have discovered that you don’t need to spend as much time outlining, that after a short while you get antsy and just want to dive in, or, you may feel greater confidence with a rigorous outline to layout your story.

Everyone’s process is different. As long as you continue writing and make it a habit, it doesn’t matter how it gets done. The most important thing is that you stay curious. Your work, these stories you tell, are simply a paper trail documenting your journey back to your truest self.

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