Writing a Bestseller

Writing a Bestseller

Did Stephen King set out to write a bestseller when he wrote his first novel Carrie? Apparently his wife found the first few chapters in the trash and convinced him to keep going.

Did Norman Mailer plan on his first novel The Naked and the Dead making him a literary sensation?

What about J.K. Rowling?

They weren’t exactly outbidding each other for first-time novelist, John Grisham’s A Time To Kill. (He got a five-grand advance and kept writing.) 

The Help was rejected fifty-six times before first-time novelist Kathryn Stockett finally got a yes.

If you set out to write a bestseller, you probably won’t.

If you write the novel that is burning inside you to be told, you will discover, and I promise you this, that it will change your life.

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