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"Our sole purpose is to build a body of work."

alan watt

The Professional Writer is an ongoing subscription series for writers who are serious about their work and seeking to build a body of work.

A professional writing career involves ongoing craft workshops, goal setting, deadlines, and the support of fellow writers for networking, support, and accountability.


"The number of writers that have passed through Al Watt's workshops and gone onto professional writing careers is staggering. Luck favors the prepared. The Professional Writer is where your preparation begins."
Allison Burnett, Screenwriter of Underworld: Awakening

WORKSHOPS: The goal of the professional program is to provide an ongoing education and support system for writers who are interested in building their career. Through craft workshops you will deepen your relationship to your craft while keeping your project moving forward in a clear and conscious way.

GOAL SETTING: We meet once a month to set creative and personal goals.

COMMUNITY: As writers we are both artists and entrepreneurs, and while we work alone, we are part of an industry that thrives on connection, support, accountability, and the sharing of information. When you sign up for the professional writer, you are joining a collective of serious-minded writers who meet regularly on the group forum to share, encourage, and celebrate each other's wins. We attend each other's book readings and premieres, and the lab always promotes your upcoming launch to our list.

DAILY PROMPTS: Every day you are emailed a new writing prompt to keep you connected to your work.

LIBRARY: All of the workshops are recorded, categorized and available to members only at no extra cost.

meet your teacher Alan Watt

alan watt standing in front of an L.A. Hillside smiling, hand in pocket

Hi, I'm Al. They call me the Writer Whisperer.

I'm the L.A. Times bestselling author of the novels, Diamond Dogs and Days Are Gone, and the recipient of the American Library Association's Alex Award, a Book Sense Pick, a New York Time's New and Noteworthy book pick, and winner of France's Prix Printemps for best foreign novel of the year. Along with the national bestseller, The 90-Day Novel®, (Amazon's #1 book on writing for five months) the lab has published five other books on writing. I teach a process of marrying the wildness of your imagination to the rigor of structure, and my students span the range from first-time writers to best-selling authors and filmmakers who've won numerous accolades for their work including the Pulitzer Prize.

I’m also the writer/director of the independent feature, Eddie, Kill the President (formerly Interior Night), which won four best feature awards at U.S. film festivals as well as The Boston Film Festival's Filmmaker Visionary Award. Oh, I also had a small part on Seinfeld back in the 90s when I had a thick lustrous head of chestnut hair. It's the Chinese gum episode. I'm the movie theater vendor who sells Kramer the vile hotdog.

the professional writer

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