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intro to the 90-day screenplay
intro to the 90-day memoir

Intro to the 90-Day Screenplay - Wed., August 25th at 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) 
Intro to the 90-Day Memoir - Thurs., August 26th at 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) 

Are you interested in the 90-Day Screenplay or 90-Day Memoir workshop?
Join me live on Zoom for a free Intro session. There will be writing exercises and
one-on-one work with writers to illustrate the principles, followed by a Q&A.

Bill Buzenberg

"Writing a memoir is a journey inside of yourself, coming to terms with the highs and lows and lessons every life teaches. It is that honest, raw, revelatory account that others will want to read and learn from. Al Watt's 90-Day Memoir is a masterful guided tour to that interior world, structured perfectly. And, amazingly to me, it ends with a mostly completed rough draft in just three months. That’s something many of us have spent years trying to accomplish. The secret is Al’s empathy and teaching methods—asking his students to address the episodes they most want to resist. Few teachers can get their students to really think through the dark night of their soul and how that led to their eventual success and indeed transformation. Al insists he is not a therapist, and this writing course is not therapy. Well, for me, it was full of deep personal revelations, helping me make sense of my life and be able to write about it in ways that had always eluded me. In short, I simply don’t believe you can go wrong with this extraordinary teacher and his writing blueprint."
Bill Buzenberg, Journalist and Former Head of NPR NewsMinnesota Public Radio, and The Center for Public Integrity

Pam Falk
"I am blown away by The 90-Day Screenplay! I'm applying the principles to my current works in process - as I will for all future projects. It is helping to reshape my understanding of character and story. This invaluable tool will never be far from my side."
- Pamela Falk, screenwriter of The Wedding Planner
alan watt standing in front of an L.A. Hillside smiling, hand in pocket

your teacher Alan Watt

Alan is known as the Writer Whisperer.

He is the writer/director of the 2018 award-winning feature film, Interior Night, which won four Best Feature awards at U.S. film festivals in New York, Breckenridge, Cleveland and Catalina, as well as The Boston Film Festival’s Visionary Award.

He's an L.A. Times Bestselling novelist for Diamond Dogs, which won France’s Prix Printemps for best foreign novel of 2004.