Myths that Prevent Us from Writing

Myths that Prevent Us from Writing

There are myths that prevent first-time novelists from not only completing their novels, but from even getting started. Some of these myths are concocted by the world out there, and some of them are vague terrors that dwell within. Here are a few:

1) I can’t be a novelist without an MFA in fiction.

Yes, you can. The story lives in our imaginations, not in our brains. You become a writer by writing.

2) I can’t be a writer until I complete my research.

Yes, you can. What we care most about is the story, the relationships. In the rewrite, you can do the necessary research to add the stink of realism.

3) I can’t write my memoir until my parents die.

Every writer fears the fallout of telling the truth on the page, regardless of whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Your parents already know you’re not a virgin. They already know you went through a phase where you hated them. It’s incredible how differently our loved ones see themselves than how we see them. Trust me. Write whatever you want. They won’t even notice.

Tell your story. Let go of the result. Become a writer today.


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