writing first draft

Once you have an outline, it is time to begin your first draft. The goal is to write the first draft quickly. Why? Because we want to get it down before we have too much time to think. Logic is the death of creativity. There is nothing logical about human behavior. When I hear writers say “My character would never do that,” I think to myself, they are not being curious. Our job is to support whatever our subconscious is giving us. If we have the notion that our nun robs a bank, then we must be curious about why this happens rather than explaining to ourselves why it shouldn’t. I think of drama as “characters behaving uncharacteristically.” Don’t be logical. Don’t insist that your first draft be well-written. Don’t worry if your first draft is replete with clichés. Just get it all down quickly. Focus on character and story rather than on the quality of the prose. Polish the prose in the rewrite.

Write the first draft from your right brain and the rewrite from your left brain.

I always love to hear from writers. Please share with me your thoughts on this.