Finishing Your Novel

Writing fiction 5 ways to get tot he end

For all you writers struggling somewhere in the middle of your manuscript, here are five tips to get you to the end.

1) Create a deadline for yourself.

Think of a practical timeframe to complete your work. If you’re going to be a first-time novelist, you’re going to need a first draft to work with.

2) Do not go back and read what you’ve written.

Especially for a first-time novelist, understand that rewriting follows the first draft. You need to keep that internal editor turned off.

3) Give yourself permission to write poorly.

Don’t concern yourself with perfecting your prose. The biggest mistake writers make is spending years crafting prose that will not survive the rewrite because it’s not intrinsic to the story.

4) Don’t concern yourself with filling in every narrative hole at this point.

There may be areas that feel sketched in. Don’t worry. Your sole goal is to get to the end.

5) Make a promise that you will reward yourself with a celebration upon completion.

You’ve asked something big of your unconscious, and it has delivered. We must keep our word with our muse.

Let me know your thoughts.