Screenplays that Sell



Meet Allison Burnett, screenwriter of Underworld: Awakening, Gone, Fame, Untraceable, Resurrecting the Champ, The Feast of Love, and Autumn in New York.

In a market where Hollywood is increasingly tightening its belt, Allison Burnett has accomplished the rare feat of selling his last seven spec scripts in a row to the studios!

Have you been writing screenplays that are not selling?
There are secrets that you need to know.

“Hollywood is a business. Yes, you must write the best screenplay that you can, but write it within the parameters of what Hollywood is willing to buy. No matter how good your script is, if it doesn’t fit the market’s needs, it will not sell.”
– Allison Burnett

In this 90-minute video, Allison discusses Hollywood’s specific needs, and the screenwriter’s role in filling those needs.

“Heeding these basic points puts you ahead of 95% of the writers out there who are banging their heads against the wall, wondering why their scripts aren’t selling. Kafka said, ‘In the fight between you and the world, back the world.’ By understanding how Hollywood works, you gain tremendous footing in accomplishing your task.”

Are you one of those writers who walks out of movies saying: “I can write a better script than that!” Perhaps you can, but the ability to write a great story is not enough to sell your screenplay to Hollywood.

There are some common mistakes that virtually guarantee a screenplay won’t get bought by a studio. These mistakes often have little to do with the quality of the work. Some of them could be easily remedied if the writer only knew what they were.

“Until I really understood how Hollywood worked, I was doomed to write scripts that got a lot of love, but never sold.”
– Allison Burnett

In this 90-minute video, screenwriter Allison Burnett shares his story of how he began his career as a writer. After graduating from Julliard in playwriting, he spent several soul-crushing years in New York working days as an SAT prep instructor, and nights as a proofreader in a law firm. One day, unable to take it anymore, he moved to Hollywood, with the sole intention of making a living as a writer.

In this video, Allison teaches you:

  • The key ingredients to writing screenplays that studios will buy
  • How to write for movie stars
  • How to work with producers to get your script sold
  • How to help your agent sell your script
  • The pros and cons of packaging
  • Secrets to making your idea more commercial without compromising the integrity of the premise
  • And much more!