How to Write a Cover Letter for Lit Mag Submissions

Along with your work of fiction, your cover letter must be equally well-crafted.

The basic format for a cover letter is as follows:

Your Name
Telephone Number

Editor’s Name
Editor’s Name
Editors Title
Name of Literary Magazine
Address of the Literary Magazine


Dear Editors,

[Name of the pieces you have enclosed]

[This is where you type an abstract (one – two paragraphs should suffice), essentially explaining why your writing is intellectually stimulating and evocative to modern readers. Be sure to include if this is a simultaneous submission.]

[If you are an undergraduate, include where you’re attending college, year of study, field of study,

If you are an established writer or graduate, include a brief biography. It should be no longer than a paragraph.]

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your Name

[If you’re an undergrad, please follow the following signature format:

University, Class of (Year)
B.A./B.S. Candidate in (Field of Study)

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