Week 13

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Week 13

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1) Do a quick point form outline from where you are in the story to the ending.
2) Write to the end of the first draft of your novel!


Act Three is where our protagonist accepts the reality of his situation. What does this look like? How does it differ from the appearance of his situation?

At the heart of every story is a dilemma.

The battle scene is where the dilemma is resolved.

The battle scene is where the hero proves to the gods that he has earned his transformation.

The battle scene involves a choice for the hero. An active choice.

Active does not necessarily mean external. It can be an internal shift, a "letting go" of a grudge perhaps.

The battle scene is where the hero makes a choice between what he wants and what he needs.

Endings: a great ending to a story is where it is a total surprise, and yet utterly inevitable.

The hero’s dilemma is connected to what he wants. Example: A character wants true love. He believes true love will complete him. Which means he believes he is incomplete. Which means he questions his worthiness of having true love.

And so, what does he need? To understand that he is already "complete".

The battle scene for our character is where the want and need collide. Perhaps there is a situation where he must choose to behave in a way that a person who was complete might behave. Perhaps he does not make a choice out of desperation or hopelessness, or self-loathing?

Be curious about the choice that your hero makes.

What does your hero come to understand as the result of his journey?

Ending: our hero is returned home. What does this new equilibrium look like?

Lastly, remember that resistance is greatest as we near the ending of our story. Stay with it. Get to the end no matter what.
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