Week 11

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Week 11

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1) Write a quick point-form outline from the moment that your protagonist suffers to the moment that he surrenders.

2) Write to the end of Act Two where the hero surrenders.


· The end of Act Two is where the protagonist surrenders.

· A lot happens between the moment our protagonist suffers, and the moment he surrenders. Suffering often involves digging our heels in, and perhaps doing things we might never have imagined doing. This is the final gasp that leads our hero to the moment of surrender.

· Our protagonist surrenders because he has no choice.

· The end of Act Two is the death of the protagonist’s old identity.

· We only surrender when we recognize the impossibility of ever getting what we want.

· The end of Act Two is like a coin with two sides. On one side is despair (the dark night of the soul) and on the other side is a widening perspective (the hero glimpses a new possibility).

· When our protagonist surrenders, he reframes his idea of what he wants.

· If all that happens at the end is that our hero gets what he wants, our reader will be disappointed. Until the hero surrenders the want, and reframes his relationship to it, there can never be a ‘shift in perception’ (transformation.)

· Our story asks everything of us for a reason. If it didn’t, we would never surrender.

· The act of creating a story is the act of dropping our old ideas.

· There is a difference between our hero’s surrender at end of Act Two, and the battle scene at end of Act Three. Our hero surrenders because he has no choice. The battle scene is all about choice. Our hero makes a new choice at the end, thus proving to the gods that he has earned his shift in perception.
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