Keeping the Rewrite Alive

Keeping the Rewrite Alive

Hi Writers, A director told me once that if you put two actors together in a scene without directing them or staging the scene, that as the scene played out,...

Trusting the Unconscious

Trusting the Unconscious

If you’re a first-time novelist, and you’ve yet to complete a manuscript, you may have had the experience of writing something, and getting stuck halfway through. Our idea of our...

Writing the Forbidden

Writing the Forbidden

It is challenging sometimes for me to let go of my “idea” of my story, in order to allow the actual story to emerge. Let’s remember that we never need...

Writers, The Internet is Not Your Friend

Not only is the Internet a storehouse of information, an encyclopedia at your fingertips, it is also a time-sucking vortex bent on destroying your creative life. If you want to...

good guys bad guys

No Good Guys. No Bad Guys.

Why do some stories have an ineffable ‘alive' quality, while others do not? There are times that we can be so bull-headed about what we want to express that we end up pushing an agenda rather than telling a story. We create good guys and bad guys, and in so doing, our writing becomes general, turgid, boring.

Did I write today

Did I Write Today?

This is the only question you need to ask yourself at the end of the day. Nothing else matters, not the dishes, the oil change, or returning your buddy’s call...

Is my writing good

Is It Good?

There can be a real desire, especially for the novice writer, to have someone validate our work as soon as possible, even to tell us if we are, in fact, a writer. It's a lot of power to assign to someone else.


The Rewrite

In a thrilling display of solidarity, the 90-Day Novelists finished their first drafts a couple of weeks ago and have begun their rewrites. The first draft was about diving into...

write what you know

“Write What You Know” Can be Misunderstood

Every first-time novelist hears the old song: “Write what you know.” This can be misunderstood. The fact is, we don’t write what we know, but rather, we write the nature...

advice for first time writers

Words of Advice for First Time Writers

Words of Advice – For any first-time novelist embarking on their first draft, a few of words of advice: 1) Write quickly. Get it down fast. Your subconscious makes brilliant...